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Dating sites secured by verisign

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On Valentine's Day I was looking online for tips on Internet dating and came across an article on that said, "Traditional dating as we know it, is dead." The singles population in all age brackets is exploding, and online dating is not getting it done.

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we have published an updated version of this “site seal trust” test at also testing how much users actually trust “fake” seals.

The following site seals were tested and the respondents had to click one of them as an answer to the following question: ) and ran from January 9-11th, 2013. The survey was conducted using Google Consumer Surveys.

In prior research we have documented how users have little understanding of the actual technical security of web pages and instead mainly rely on what their gut feeling is telling them.

It’s therefore recommended that you add visual clues – such as borders, background colors, and site seals – to your online payment forms to increase the perceived security of the sensitive fields in the form in order to make your users feel more comfortable when handing over their credit card information.

What we wanted to test is which site seal makes the user Looking at the results it’s very interesting to see that the second, third, and fourth most trusted site seals are all “trust seals”, whereas the rest are SSL seals, which – with the exception of Norton – all scored rather low.