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The renegade is evidently unwell, his eyes and mouth displaying feline characteristics, and is using the black cat (or kitling) to create a dimensional bridge for the Cheetah People to hunt prey on Earth.

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Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.we should really just be buddies.” “I just broke up with my boyfriend and I need to get back to being myself before being with somebody else.” “I need some space to be alone right now…let’s just be friends.” Have you ever heard any of the above from a girl you liked?The Doctor has gone back to the TARDIS and Earth, where he finds Ace, whose metamorphosis has reversed, and tells her she will have grown through the experience: the element of the Cheetah Planet, however, will remain within her forever and they return to the TARDIS.During the scenes in Midge's flat, Ace grabs War, an album by rock band U2, and says "are they still going? When Ace left Earth in 1987, the group had been active for eleven years.Paterson denies anything amiss has taken place, falling back on his "survival of the fittest" mantras and his self-defence classes.

The Doctor and Ace now head around Perivale in search of Midge and the Master.

She abandons the Doctor to go hunting with Karra but he eventually wins her round.

Midge has meanwhile completely fallen to the power of the planet and is turning into an animal.

They eventually find them at the youth club, where they have killed Paterson for sport, and Midge too is killed in the Master's machinations.

Karra's arrival brings comfort to Ace, whose transformation is continuing, but the Master kills Karra too.

It marks the final regular television appearance of Anthony Ainley as the Master and of Sophie Aldred as Ace.