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“She’s not interested in beginning another relationship right now.Her primary goal is getting the kids through the divorce and making sure they are healthy and happy,” the source said. But it’s still an unexpected thing for Heidi to take issue with after all these years of sticking her tongue down Seal’s throat in public. Secondly, Heidi really doesn’t have a right to try and assert primary custody based on the fact that Seal’s been seeing chicks.

Seal is worth $15 million, Heidi $70 million — so a lot is at stake.Pretty sure though that this Kat Torres is a fraud.You're not taking her to the Urban Eatery, there are so many better date spots to go in Toronto. Unless you go dutch on everything, the struggle is real.Here’s Heidi Klum debuting her “Truly Scrumptious Collection” at Babies ‘R Us in New York while wearing an outfit that would make Snooki proud.Seriously, Heidi is rocking the “Jersey Shore” leopard print and fake tan so hard, and all she’s really forgotten is the glitter. The real story here though is that things are heating up in the battle between Heidi and Seal for custody of their four children (three of them being the couple’s bio kids and the eldest being Heidi’s daughter that Seal formally adopted).She’s only making issue of this other seemingly extraneous stuff.

Here’s a photo of Seal with his kids in New York City in July as well as the details from Radar Online: When they first split in January it was hoped that Heidi Klum and Seal’s unexpected divorce would be amicable for the sake of their children, but sadly now the gloves are coming off and things are heating up, the new issue of Star magazine is exclusively reporting.

Imagine if Fox News did the same for violent Alt-Right groups or militant KKK chapters. Shariah by the back door: women-only party zones in Germany, women-only concerts in Sweden, women-only train carriages in Britain – Westerners are being persuaded to accept Islamic cultural norms in the name of public safety. Don't let these social justice warrior fakes/frauds ruin us. "Goodbye Ashy" 2017 is ending You're realizing that you still haven't found the gender that you identify as Time's running out Clock strikes midnight on December 31 & u want to be able to say "new year new gender" You think you'll be a duck billed platypus in 2018 Aye, let's dispel another MYTH. But we can’t compare Nicki & Cardi because “both women can be great”.

The media is legitimising domestic terror & radicalising more future James T. Domestic violence amongst gay/lesbian people is common AF. Bitch it’s rap, it’s always gone be competitive, you gone always be compared.

Y'all need to "check y'all own" and stop thinking all of you have the moral compass to give relationship advice to straight people. Men and conventional masculinity are so completely demonized at this point you are not...

There is no innocence in the feminist future for men. If we date black Women we gotta pick a certain shade or it’s colorism, a certain size of its fat shaming, etc but if we date outside our race it’s “ Black men don’t love us”.

That same month, Heidi was rumored to be banging co-star Thomas Hayo (on “Germany’s Next Top Model”), and it really looked like they were more than just friends since Hayo was spotted feeding Heidi food off his plate in public. Now a story in this week’s Star says Heidi has decided she’s going to fight for primary custody even though she was going to agree to joint. Well, Heidi is angry that Seal used some personal photos of their children in a commercial.