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Are males and females using different Tinder strategies?If there are gender differences in matches received, then are males and females using different strategies on Tinder?

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Therefore it is important to appreciate when we may be most likely to receive a Tinder match.In contrast, the female profiles achieved a 10.5 percent matching rate from the profiles they had liked.Distinct gender differences were also apparent in how matches occurred over time.Tinder works by allowing users to indicate whether or not they like another user’s profile.If the like is reciprocated then this results in a match allowing the parties to communicate via the app’s messaging system.However, when the number of profile photos was increased to 3, the number of matches rose to 65.

The explanation for this is to do with uncertainty reduction (knowing more about the person) when the number of photos used is increased.

Location-based dating apps such as Tinder have changed the way people meet.

The app allows speed of access to potential dates, as well as allowing users to be able to locate other users in the same geographical area.

– produced 4 percent for females and 13 percent agreement for males.

How to improve your chances So knowing when in the day we are most likely to expect Tinder matches, understating that there are gender differences in the matches received by males and females, and appreciating that males and females use different strategies on Tinder, gives us some understanding of how Tinder is used.

To investigate this, the researchers also asked male and female Tinder users what made them like potential matches.