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David call dating

David wasn't happy when Gail started going out with Phil Nail, a reflexologist at Rosamund Street Medical Centre, and began a hate campaign against their relationship.In January 2006 when Gail was out, David started hatching a plan to break the couple up, however this provoked a violent reaction in Phil who grabbed David and shoved him up against the wall, although Phil put David down when he eventually saw sense.

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However Martin, along with Kevin Webster and Tommy Harris, burst the doors of the garage open to save them, only for Richard to drive off with them in the car, and driving it into Weatherfield Canal.He claimed it was a sick joke that got out of hand.Sarah and Audrey were furious with David, and Gail considered handing him over to police but later dropped the charges when she realised it was her fault for introducing Richard into his life.David is currently living with stepson Max, daughter Lily and mother Gail.David was widowed in 2016 when Kylie died after being stabbed by Clayton Hibbs.In 2001, Gail set her eyes on financial advisor Richard Hillman, whom David wasn't very keen on, calling him "Trickie Dickie".

In February 2003, Richard was discovered to be a murderer after killing three people, including two neighbours, and attempting to kill David's gran Audrey Roberts and neighbour Emily Bishop.

In May, she told David that Richard's birthday was coming up and gave him the date.

David then wrote out a card by "Richard" saying that he couldn't make it for his birthday, and David fell right into Gail's trap.

David along with his family managed to escape with the help of Martin, Tommy and Kevin who gave pursuit. This event traumatised David and had a lasting effect on him.

David made life hell for his mother Gail over a number of years.

David got a job at the Builder's Yard working for Bill Webster, but was sacked for leaving Sarah's boyfriend Jason Grimshaw, on a roof when taking away the ladder.