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Dc indian speed dating

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They also do A LOT of speed dating events, which they categorize in amazingly specific ways.

Professionals in the City also plans a lot of international trips.After you pass 5 or 6 conversations in a whirlwind half-an-hour, you’re not so sure anymore.The dates lasted 5 minutes, and I’ve heard it can be as little as 3 or 4 if there are more people.The fact that everyone was there for the same reason kept it from being higher on the awkward scale. I thought it was a pretty good amount of people, though!For the first few rotations, you think that you’ll easily remember everyone, what you talked about, and who you liked.They did some great things to help it be organized but not too organized that I think helped everyone along.

The girls all sat at different stations (couches, tables, the bar) and then the organizers put a table tent with a number at each station, to indicate the order to rotate in.

They didn’t care which girl sat in which spot to start, or what guy sat down there, or exactly where the stations were ahead of time. Of course, everyone is a little bit awkward, especially at first, because you’re thrown right into a conversation, maybe with a type of person you’d normally never talk to.

But you don’t get too long for any one conversation and everyone seemed to be taking the experience seriously. There were 11 or 12 guys at this event, which one person told me was a low number.

I know that I need to put in the effort if I want to date, even if it hard for me, and this was a chance to do that.

Also, I was issued a challenge to go on (or at least arrange) two dates before the end of 2010, and I could count this as one of them!

I did have a couple people ask for my number right then! Now that I’ve done it once, I would feel comfortable going by myself, and I would definitely give speed dating another try. Taking notes may not seem important at first because you think you’ll remember everyone.