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Direct dating summit dvd 5

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It isn’t that one guy really wants a beautiful girlfriend and the other doesn’t.The difference lies in what each man knows, and how he makes use of that knowledge.

Recently, these two old friends returned to their university for their 25th reunion.And that’s why I’m writing to you today about Right now, I’m looking at month one inside the Academy members’ area.After a personal welcome video from me, and instructions for gaining access to the private mastermind group, you can dive right into week one’s content: part I of James Marshall’s epic 2 hour seminar on lifestyle design, having a direct mindset in everything you do in life, , and had only been witnessed first-hand by a select group of men at the Direct Dating Summit Australia conference, who paid at least $600 for a ticket. I’ve said it before, but once again – it works every time. Pretty soon, I know everything about her I need to know. I had to use – that’s right – the question game, baby! As per my usual, I just can’t be fucked to waste any time. Furthermore, it’s very complimentary to just assume girls have one. I ask her if she wants to come up for some tea, but she has to study for an exam tomorrow.

To a degree they are right, and you will get more pussy not asking. I don’t bang chicks with BF’s, and I don’t want to invest time and find out there’s a BF later, so I just find out immediately. Anywho after this is was just a bit of comfort (She’s from Thailand, been here a year, studying English, lives around the corner from me.) Bit of flirting.

After that, you can download the specifically-tailored homework missions PDF that complements the reality-shifting mindsets and techniques James reveals in his seminar.

This means …And that's just the content in month ONE!

They were still very much alike: Both were successful in their business lives.

In fact, both had even moved up steadily through the ranks of top engineering firms in the country.

) Plus, I’m booked up for months, so even if you could afford that, it’d still be tough to get a spot!