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It’s quick and it can be a bit forgiving, provided you have the space to make an error.Spain is quite different; it’s a tarmac-based affair lined with curbs, railings, and high stone and rock walls.

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But don’t be worried about Dirt 4 being too hard for you either, because with the Gamer physics setting and various assists available it’s far more welcoming.They look like cars that have are punished and pummelled on a daily basis, with grubby glass and battered tyres, caked with dirt. Blasting over cattle grids sounds like the burp of a minigun, and the constant sweet, sweet exhaust overrun sounds like Satan half-choking on a pistachio.Sometimes I play in chase cam just so I can better hear the crackling pops of the exhaust, but it’s a real treat inside the cabin, too.If 2015’s Dirt Rally was Codemasters flipping over the couch cushions and finding the key to something special, Dirt 4 is the studio prying open the barn door and rediscovering the whole car.With a properly meaty career mode, literally endless racing thanks to its procedurally generated stages, and the best sound and visuals Codemasters has ever mustered, Dirt 4 has redefined what we should expect from modern rally games.Career mode is a big step up from Dirt Rally, too, fleshing out the experience with team facilities and upgrades to spend your money on.

The facilities and resources you have will determine how effective and useful your engineers and other staff will be for you.

The Your Stage tool supports five countries in Dirt 4 – Australia, the United States, Wales, Sweden, and Spain – which each offer very different terrain and demand different things from us behind the wheel.

Australia is gravel-based, with a mix of wider areas with uncluttered verges and tighter zones that twist through the bush.

There is lots of great retro stuff, with the ’80s and ’90s quite well represented.

The 2000s aren’t as well covered; the contemporary Group N/R4 cupboard is a little bare, and the 2000CC class is a bit of a weird one, bundling up a 2001 Subaru Impreza WRC and 2001 Ford Focus WRC and pitting them against the WRC manufacturers' world title winning Focus from 2007.

Five environments is probably the bare minimum Codemasters needed (the traits Dirt Rally’s Finland, Monaco, and Germany would have brought to this game are missed) but we’ve definitely gained more than we’ve lost here.