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Dropbox not updating

The names were automatically prefixed with "1", "2", etc.

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It was only after changing my internal display to 100% that the icon overlays showed for me. The link only works on Windows 10 as it needs to open Feedback Hub to get to the suggestion.Three quarters of its users are outside the US, and there are 3.3 billion “persistent sharing relationships” — files or folders that connect users.But Dropbox has also had some recent rough patches.Now, though, Dropbox is tackling something that’s harder to define: Instead of merely syncing files, it’s promising to sync That’s the promise of Paper, the audacious new product that Dropbox launches today, after its appearance in open beta last August.It’s part of a broader set of new features and upgrades that, the company’s leaders promise, will lay the foundation for a new, radically simplified form of digital collaboration.That was about the same time the new headquarters opened and employees found, nestled at the heart of the labyrinth, a costly five-foot-tall chrome statue of a panda (the company mascot).

To critics of tech company excess, the panda quickly became a symbol of startup folly; Dropbox kept it around, but posted an apologetic note nearby.

Just restart and even with Tortoise SVN client 1.7.9 you'll see your SVN overlay icons under Windows 10 again. On my machine, One Drive, Sky Drive keys all have a space in front of the name, trumping svn which only had numbers. There is a Tortoise setting that determines which Drive Types the icons are used with: Drives , Removable drives, Network drives, Fixed drives, CD-ROM, RAM drives, and Unknown drives.

It was NOT a problem with the naming of the icon overlays in the Windows Registry.

and uncheck all checkboxes, apply, then reactivate them and apply.

This will do the same thing in the registry but not manually.

For Drew Houston, Dropbox’s cofounder and CEO, Paper and the other new initiatives are also the foundation for a reinvention of his company.