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E book the ultimate guide to successful online dating

But the sad fact is that they will NEVER tell you them - because if they told you, it would be like they were giving away insider stock trading information. If you're struggling, you'll get the information you need to improve and massively change your dating success.

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" - Carlos, thanks for a great book, full of motivation and ways and means.Any man can unleash his inner Alpha Man and start living life on his own terms, TODAY.It's time for you to become the architect of your own destiny, and live a lifestyle of NO regrets and MAXIMUM results.First, you will learn to develop a mindset of absolute, unstoppable confidence that will eliminate any feelings of fear, anxiety or complacency.Next, we will teach you an arsenal of specific tactics and techniques for winning in any social setting.BONUS #1: The first is our "HTML Guide," the ultimate manual for meeting and connecting with women online.

We'll show you how to not only meet girls on the Internet (which anyone can do), but connect with them in a powerful way that makes them want to move the relationship into the "real world" as soon as possible.

You are about to unlock the full potential of your inner masculine power.

The Alpha Rules goes light-years beyond learning "pickups" or working on your "game." This is about creating a bold new attitude and lifestyle.

It is enabling me to recognize certain aspects of my current ways of thinking that have been impediments in the past to happiness and satisfaction with relationships.

I tended to be the kind of guy that would latch onto a woman that I liked and focus on her alone, until, usually, she left me.

It's about reclaiming the masculine power that resides within all of us, and breaking through the barriers and limiting belief systems that have been holding you back.