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Effect dating to students

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People were going hungry, and it appeared as if the monarchy just continued to spend carelessly.

As France struggled under ineffective leadership that changed very little in the course of the daily lives of the common people, Napoléon was able to return from a campaign in Egypt and, relatively easily, seize power with military help.It was in this manner that the people were shut out.It was in this climate that the seeds of revolution were planted and watered.This difficulty occurs due to When we look at the words in the test, we process the color of each word as well as the meaning of each word.If both stimuli (color and meaning) are congruent or compatible, we will respond with the correct answer rapidly.Louis XVI further added fuel to the fire by dismissing financial ministers who tried to bring about reform.

While it can't be said that the American Revolution was a key factor in the French Revolution, the seed that the colonial uprising planted certainly cannot be ignored.

Marie Antoinette is frequently credited with callously saying "let them eat cake" in response to finding out that Parisians were starving.

However, it is probably more accurate to say that she was totally unaware of the people's suffering.

18th century France was still under a feudal system which further served to breed contempt of the poorer classes towards the nobility.

Taxes were aggressively collected, but only from lower classes.

, named after John Ridley Stroop, is a demonstration of the reaction time of a task and is often used to illustrate the nature of automatic processing versus conscious visual control.