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Ellen barkin dating sam levinson

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Trouble enough, but Elliott’s been in and out of rehab multiple times, Alice is a cutter, Paul is an arrogant SOB with a trophy second wife (Demi Moore) and Lynn’s second husband (Jeffrey Du Munn), who arrives separately with Alice, is so out of touch as to be seemingly brain-dead.

She received nominations for the American Comedy Award for Funniest Actress in a Motion Picture and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.Levinson, son of Barry (who won an Oscar for directing Rain Man), has assembled a stellar cast led by the underrated Ellen Barkin (who is a producer on the film and reported to be living with the much younger Sam Levinson).He brings a freshness to the story by exploring the interrelations of three generations and exposing their pathologies: adolescent addiction, self-mutilation, spousal abuse and suicidal ideation related to terminal illness.They may lose patience, however, with director Tomas Alfredson’s ponderous direction.Silence in movies can often be golden — here it’s as deadly as a poison pill.She starred in two box office thrillers, The Big Easy in 1987 alongside Dennis Quaid and in 1989, Sea of Love with Al Pacino.

The latter won her a nomination at the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress.

The weakness here is that Levinson plumbs his subjects’ neuroses in such an utterly dark way that his characters sometimes come off as caricatures, and the actors’ performances as farcical.

We meet middle-aged Lynn (Barkin) as she drives with her two younger sons from her second marriage — Elliott (played by the very talented Ezra Miller of City Island) and Ben (Daniel Yelsky) — to the wedding of her older son from her first marriage, Dylan (Michael Nardelli).

She married actor Gabriel Byrne in 1988 and had two children with him.

They went their separate ways in 1993, divorcing in 1999.

She started dating again in 2008, raising eyebrows with her much younger boyfriend award winning screenwriter Sam Levinson. In 1982, Ellen made a breakthrough appearance in Barry Levinson, father of her ex-boyfriend Sam Levinson’s comedy drama Diner.