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Eu pet dating

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Please contact your local Animal Health Office to schedule an appointment for endorsement, or to ask any remaining questions you may have.A checklist is available to ensure you have the required document and details needed to qualify your pet for movement to the in non-commercial movements of five or fewer animals is available in several languages.

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In this case you must vaccinate the animal and wait 21 days before you can travel.The certificate must be completed in English and the official language of the Member State of the first point of entry into the Member States, including their respective official languages.Note 4: Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information on this site is up-to-date; however, countries can change their import requirements without notifying the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).If you pet has got already EU passport which is issued before 29 December 2014, complying with the model of Comission Decision 2003/803/EC, you do not need to obtain the new passport and it is valid for the lifetime of animal.If you are getting new passport for your animal from 29.Any certificates signed by an official If any of these conditions are not met, the commercial certificate should be used.

Animals travelling to exhibitions and fairs would be considered a "non-commercial movement" as long as they are not for sale on-site.

December 2014, it should be in accordance with the model set out in 577/2013.- dogs, cats and ferrets over 12 weeks of age must be vaccinated against rabies.

Vaccination must be done after the animal has been identified.

A tattoo is not accepted in the Republic of Ireland or Malta.

Please note that if a tattoo is used, it must have been applied before July 3, 2011.

the movement of dogs, cats and ferrets less than12 weeks old and are not vaccinated against rabies or if they are between 12-16 weeks old and have not yet meet the validity requirements of vaccination. invertebrates, amphibia, reptiles, birds, mammals: rodents and rabbits other than those intended for food production ) to Latvia from other EU countries.