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Boise Police Detective Tim Brady of ICAC spends a lot of time chasing sexual predators on the internet.But his ICAC unit also works in the field, helps parents protect their kids, and chases predators around the state.

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“We’re just at the tip of the iceberg I feel,” says Benkula.“With everyone we catch, there’s going to be someone there to take his place or her place.It is disappointing, but we’re out here and that’s what we do, try to protect our children.” Since 2008, ICAC units around the country have made more 41,889 arrests, 237 of them in Idaho.Ultimately, Brady says his job is to stand between the sexual predator and the child so the child never gets hurt.He says saving kids is what keeps him going after nine years of chasing criminals.Over a two-year period, Idaho ICAC rescued 51 children who were being sexually abused.

The children ranged from 18-months to 15-years-old.

Idaho’s group wasn’t formally organized until 2007. Impersonating a young girl online is just one part of his job.

He has to stay up-to-date on Internet lingo, listen to Justin Bieber, and keep up with pop culture so the men popping up in these chat boxes believe they're talking to a teen girl.

“That’s what’s driving you to keep putting up with the crap we have to put up with, and the nastiness we have to see," he says.

"Because there’s a kid behind every one of those cases, potentially, and a high likelihood that there’s a real child involved in whatever we’re investigating.” Do you know what your kids are doing online?

But most of its done behind the scenes," Benkula says.