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I have over twenty five years’ experience of helping people with problems, previously working in the field of mental health and as a qualified probation officer.

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If you would like to register your interest in attending please contact me.Services Provided I offer therapy to individuals and couples where there are issues connected with sex and love addiction and compulsivity.I also work with the partners of addicted individuals.I now have a private counselling practice, and in the past worked for 12 years for a voluntary counselling agency, specialising in couple counselling and seeing men with relationship and sexual problems.Services Provided I work with individuals who are experiencing sexual addiction and compulsive behaviour.I follow the therapeutic training model used at the Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapies where I did my training, and still practice as an associate.

In addition to seeing clients with sexual addiction I work as a coaching psychologist and use behavioural, solution focussed coaching and motivational interviewing to help clients work out what is going on, what they would like to be different and the best ways to achieve and sustain this.

Services Provided Whatever has prompted you to seek help, I am able to work with you through a process of assessment, understanding, exploring underlying issues and recovery strategies.

Or, if you are a partner I can offer support and understanding at a traumatic time in your life.

Services Provided I am a sexual and relationship psychotherapist specializing in sexual addiction. I also provide therapy via the telephone and Skype.

I work from the Affinity Centre in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Services Provided I provide therapy to individuals with sexual addiction problems and partners, seeing clients individually or as couples.