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King Pay was born out of a a simple but definitive idea.To put simply, King Pay has your business needs covered in one singular hub.King Pay is a truly global payment solution to help any online business grow rapidly online.Solid, robust, secure & state-of-the-arte omni-channel payment technology, built to take your business global.An all encompassing platform with multi-currency backbone, alternative payment methods and a true cross border environment with high frequency processing capabilities.Tap into customers from all over the world and offer them fast and convenient ways to pay for your products and services.

Creates ripples of success by tapping into demographics you would not be able to reach before.

With payments processed in 164 currencies and slick cross-border payment processing technology – we’ve got you covered. With our all encompassing omni-channel payment hub, our robust acquiring network can cater to the ever growing demands and requirements of businesses from all industries and sectors.

Our forte is facilitating growth of businesses around the world through streamlined payment technology solutions.

Lower chargeback fees, increase conversion rates, boost your sales and ultimately, grow your business faster.

Take the pain out of complex filtering by allowing our technology to support your business as you grow. Fraud prevention is one thing, stability and performance in the backbone of your payment provider is a different animal.

Receive payments from almost any mobile device, anywhere in the world.