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' - and she thought he was talking about the Slim Jim she was eating.Thinking he was hungry, she reached into her bag to give him another Slim Jim that she bought.

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On the strip club dressing room cams I’ve watched, a typical evening meant you could watch the dancers enter in their street clothes, fix their hair, eat their lunches, and sit around smoking and texting.Surveillance footage from the store shows the girl, identified as Presley Keeney, standing outside waiting for her dad to finish paying for some drinks.The couple are also waiting outside the door and soon leave with two other friends.I got the screenshots you’ll find in this article from Little Darlings Las Vegas (club review / club website) when they were streaming their stage show and dancers’ dressing rooms there.Basically, strip clubs that stream their stage shows online set up their web cams so that their main stage show can be viewed over the Internet by anyone The cameras I’ve seen have been fixed (you have no pan/tilt/zoom options) and the live streaming video is not high-res, though it’s pretty decent for a full-screen live show that you can watch from home or on your phone any time at no charge.Meanwhile, the man is seen approaching Presley and asking her a question.

She says that he asked her 'Could I have a piece of that?

Soon after, Fuller got a message from Uravage's brother, Steven, identifying her.

'He sent me a message and said, "I know who that is." He said, "I am so sorry." I was very grateful for that.

(Click the pics for full size.) The voice of the DJ and the music also streams so that you can get a pretty good audio/video depiction of the stage show all night long.

All of the dancers get naked in a nude club or topless in a topless club, and there’s no downtime for the camera, though any onstage bachelor party or other events where audience volunteers are onstage will be blocked out.

Some live webcam strip clubs also have video cameras set up in the dancers’ dressing rooms.