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'' Mom, I'm not sure I wanna have this conversation with you.I'm pretty sure Dion and I just broke up and I can't for the life of me get Dana on Skype to chat about it.'' '' You can talk to me about it,'' she suggested.

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So I decided to test those waters, '' Okay, so I haven't been able to have an orgasm with Dion for a very long time, and it seems that he just wants me to bend over and take what he gives me.'' I told her, I watched her as I spoke, her face didn't change at all. It's actually pretty rude to ask, considering that they only want anal because it's tighter.'' I wanted to be repulsed by the conversation I was having with her, but I found myself gathering information like a squirrel gathering nuts. But that'll be our little secret.'' she said.They'd be accused of being god-knows-what.'' Hearing him say that hurt a little, I guess all little girls grow up as Daddy's girls, but when they get to a certain age the Dad has to begin to separate himself. I text Dana to see what she had planned for tomorrow, and then text Dion to say that I was able to meet up with him later.They say that every boy grows up to marry his mother, and every girl marries her father. That was when I heard Mom calling me from downstairs, I quickly leapt off the bed and grabbed the first thing I could find, my skimpy pyjama shorts and a t-shirt from the clean clothes pile. '' They want us there by Monday at the very latest, it's pretty urgent.'' Dad told me. '' '' Uncle Robert and Aunt Anna, they live just outside of Costa Rica.'' But,'' I began, but I knew it useless. And we're leaving tomorrow.'' Dad said. He was going in and out of me like a Jackhammer, a firm grip on my ass with the occasional spank was just how I liked it.They obviously didn't trust me enough to leave me home alone for a week, and whatever it was that was happening in Costa Rica was clearly more important than anything else, so I knew I was defeated. But something was different, I wasn't even close to climaxing, and I knew that when he start going hard and fast, he was reaching his end.'' Baby,'' I started, '' Hold on, I'm guna shoot.'' he replied quickly.

And right there and then he pulled out of me and fired his stream of cum all over my ass.

I grabbed my towel and quickly hurried out of the bedroom, running straight into Dad. Keeping his eyes on the ceiling he puffed out a long sigh, '' I told you and your Mother that I was finishing early today.'' he glanced down at me while I stood there with my forearm across my chest.

I acted quickly to cover myself, but he had already been given the show of his life. '' You know, you'd have more luck covering up if you were to use that towel you're currently holding.'' Score one for the big dog, I didn't think of that.

'' Damn your ass look great with me all over it.

Why won't you let me poke you--'' I knew what he was going to say, '' Because I don't like things shoved up my ass.'' I told him.

He pulled up outside my house and didn't lean over to kiss me goodbye or anything, '' Fine, be like that.'' I muttered as I got out the car, slamming it shut and going inside.