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Even those more powerful than Ning would find it hard to breach his defensive sword-arts.“Am I really going to have to use one of my treasures to deal with a single Daolord?

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His more ordinary treasures such as ‘common’ Hegemonic treasures might be precious to Daolords, but Archon Silksnow had quite a few of them.Soon, when he mastered the twelfth stance, his strikes would be comparable to six times his ‘normal’ power! It was all thanks to this terrifying technique that Emperor Heartsword had been able to battle those who were two levels of power above him and be able to battle the three mighty Hegemons! He was completely dominating Ning, forcing Ning to focus exclusively on defense…but Archon Silksnow really was completely unable to do anything to the defense-oriented Ning. His sword-arts have no weaknesses whatsoever.” Archon Silksnow was extremely vexed by this; foes with perfect defensive abilities were extremely difficult to deal with.He was known throughout the Endless Territories as the only Emperor who was comparable to Hegemons in power. This was because his sword-arts were faster and fiercer than before, allowing him to completely defend against his foe’s attacks. ” Archon Silksnow’s oily green eyes grew colder and colder as his saber-arts fluctuated between incomparable savagery and snow-like unpredictability.Now that Ning had mastered the eleventh stance, the power of his strikes was three times as much as it was ‘normally’. Ning was completely unable to fight back at all, and with each strike he sent Ning flying away.Breaking through between stances within the same stage was quite fast, while breaking through from one stage to another was far more difficult.

Since Ning had already reached the eleventh stance, the twelfth stance wouldn’t be too far behind.

He was actually weaker in this regard than the current Ning.

However, thanks to his mastery of the fifteenth stance of the [Heartsword] art, he had completely eclipsed all other Archons and was second only to the Hegemons. Ning was knocked flying repeatedly, but he was able to endure the blows with ease. He might hold the upper hand, but if I completely focus on defense I can endure fairly easily.” “Die, die, die!

” “Given his current level of power, not even common Hegemon-level treasures are certain to kill him.

I would have to use one of my most important treasures.” Archon Silksnow felt a bit of heartache at the prospect.

He wanted to take away the treasures which Ning had left behind.