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Fun questions for dating couples

Communication breaks down in relationships sooner or later when you run out of conversation.

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Life is too short to spend hoping that the person that you have met js in tune with your views and feelings.I would recommend all couples to look this book over….it’s never too late to find out something new about your partner!– Master275 – Read complete review A good book of questions for people in all stages of a relationship….a lot of the questions were good ones.If your initial questions unearth the sorts of answers you were hoping to hear then maybe you could share the book with your partner for them to pick the next topic for discussion.– Martinh1 – Read complete review After 11 years of marriage, I didn’t think there was anything I didn’t know about my husband…but this book proved me wrong.You’ll begin to see how your partner approaches relationships.

If you’re already in a relationship and want to know your partner better, these questions can help you know more and more about your partner each day.

– Book Ventures Book Club – Read complete review on their official website This is a fantastic book!

It helped me know so much more about my partner than I did!

– honeydew69862004 – Read complete review A great resource for any person involved in any relationship-marriage, dating, friendship, family relationships, you name it!

I have been married for six years and was able to find out a lot about my husband based on this book.

You can transcend boundaries and know the true inner self of your partner.