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Garmin nuvi updating firmware

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Tom Tom Maps are excellent in the main population centres while you will still find gaps in some rural areas.This reflects the Tom Tom Maps slant towards a demographic mapping strategy rather than Navteq's geographic coverage. There will always be some gaps in digital mapping - new roads, omission due to road works and so on however each year there are steady improvements.

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Following on from numerous requests, especially in the last year, we have expanded our services to offer a Map Update Service for Garmin devices. The Garmin Map Update process in complicated, unwieldy and time-consuming.As of July 2011, the latest Garmin mapping available is version 2012.10.It is important to realise that this map information is not a reflection of the Irish/European road network as of July 2011 but it is already approx. This is due to the length of time it takes from the digital mapping companies surveying our roads to getting that information to the GPS manufacturers and in front of consumers. Carlow, Kilkenny and Bennetsbridge are not included in version 2012.10.When you first purchase your new sat-nav, both Garmin and Tom Tom offer a free 90-day map update guarantee whereby you can update the maps on your sat-nav to the latest version, free of charge.In the case of Garmin systems, the 90 days start from the date that your sat-nav first acquires a satellite fix.The reason for this guarantee is that when your purchase a sat-nav whether through a high-street store or online store, the sat-nav will not contain the latest mapping.

The reason is that map updates are released approximately once every 3 months while the manufacturing cycle from device production through distribution to stores is much longer.

Navteq maps are found in Garmin products, Tom Tom Maps in Tom Tom and Navman.

Up to relatively recently, Navteq map data was superior for Ireland to Tom Tom Maps however as of July 2011 there is little to separate the two mapping companies.

Sat-navs purchased through high street shops and online stores may have map versions anywhere from 2010.10 to 2011.40, i.e. Other factors to bear in mind are that surveys carried out by the digital mapping suppliers, Navteq and Tom Tom Maps, are time-consuming and laborious - it is near impossible to ensure everything new is included in a survey.

Both these companies drive the length and breadth of the country to digitise roads and capture as many features as is practical.

If a new road opens in an area a day after a survey was conducted it can be another 12-18 months before it is likely to be re-surveyed.