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Geena davis dating

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PHOTOS: Costars reunited “He's told stories about how professional I was and how I made him a professional,” Sarandon said of Angelina Jolie’s fiancé. It seemed like it was absolutely, absolutely easy for him.When I saw the movie and I saw him in the scene in the police station, that's when I knew that he really was something special. He's a very smart guy.” Davis, who got intimate with the shirtless thief in the film, joked that her love scene was “very challenging,” and admitted that she might have messed up Pitt’s audition.

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I read it and I told my agent, "Oh my God." Then the [casting] fell apart and it took a year between when I read it until I finally got to meet Ridley, who was only going to produce it at first — there were a few different directors attached. How shocked were you to see that on the final page, the two protagonists drove off a cliff?Were you hesitant at all that the director of would be directing this epic female saga? And then he came in — this is so embarrassing — but I got a little distracted during the scene, you know? I was like, "I'm totally screwing up this kid's audition." () SARANDON He's told stories about how professional I was and how I made him a professional — I don't remember any of that!SARANDON Well, I don't think it could have been done as a small movie. They were all bare-chested with their T-shirts around their head every day! It seemed like it was absolutely, absolutely easy for him. DAVIS Ridley's also very much into the look of things. " () What does the film's legacy mean to you now, 23 years after it opened?“Strong is becoming shorthand for having something to do.” Davis made an impassioned speech for gender equality on films and television yesterday as part of the BFI London Film Festival.In it she highlighted the surprising statistic that just 17 per cent of the people in crowd scenes are female in both live action and animated films. Surely we can fix that,” she told a packed audience at London’s BFI Southbank, before joking: “Perhaps Hollywood writers think women don’t gather.” Davis, who won an Oscar in 1989 for The Accidental Tourist, said a crowd scene where half the people were women was just one “easy fix”.I remember saying to someone, "I don't understand what we would be doing." And he said, "You'd be getting a big check." But thank God we didn't do that.

, Davis and her partner in crime Susan Sarandon opened up about their hunky costar and the making of one of the biggest girl power films of all time.

SARANDON I've always thought of it as a cowboy movie with women instead of guys on horses.

But it was pretty shocking that people were so threatened by it. Like somehow we had backed into the territory long held only by white heterosexual men of a certain age.

And we go on trips together." And I think, "That's nice.

It's OK to take off and be by yourself with your girlfriends." That happens a lot. DAVIS We have a certain level of how much people recognize us when we're on our own.

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