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I get sucked into the current of rushed commuters dodging stationary tourists.

My visit was just after Dusshera, which meant the Gurung kids were at home, happily having Living in Mumbai, I miss winters., eggs cooked on a bed of green garlic, green onions, and green coriander, is a breakfast staple. As I stood around being the kitchen elf, Kurush stir-fried and chopped green garlic, green onions, and coriander in a little oil.He then made small depressions on the bed of greens with the back of a spoon and cracked eggs in each one.The eggs were cooked until the whites were white and the yolk was perfectly runny.Seasoned with just a bit of salt and red chili powder, the dish had robust flavors of the greens, with a hint of garlic. The tram stop display has been insisting that the tram is just around the corner for the past two minutes.Commonly found along trekking routes, it’s hard to chew and can last for months.

The other kind is soft and crumbly, a staple served with all kinds of meals in Sikkim state.

Another variation, which looks more like a green onion, is harvested before the plant itself starts to mature.

I grew up eating the latter, but the former is something I came across in Mumbai, with a flavor close to mature garlic, but milder.

Just a week before, friends had boasted seeing Kanchenjunga from their window. I still remember the millet pancakes Radha whipped up. Instead, we scooped up some , the way one might scoop up yogurt with paratha (stuffed flatbread).

This lesser-known cheese is found in Sikkim, Nepal, and other Himalayan regions. When it’s simmered further, it becomes a mass of solid cheese.

Radha makes the latter from cow milk, grinding it with homegrown tomatoes and chillies, an extremely spicy variety found in the state. In fact, it was the kick of the chillies against the sweetness of the pancakes that made it hard for me to resist them.