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Despite a choppy start, World Champion Magnus Carlsen convincingly conquered the reigning World Blitz Champion Alexander Grischuk in a masterpiece of a Blitz Battle.

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This was more than double the previous record of 7,500 set in the Carlsen vs. As both blitz mini-matches finished, Carlsen stepped into the number-two spot on the leaderboards. Why that would be Nakamura, who still holds a 99-point advantage! Nakamura match (should Nakamura win against Vachier-Lagrave) has never seemed tastier.I remember once i had put sandesh molds on my facebook page and got..Around on how to get this date jaggery can we buy it online in's Twitch stream pushed the chess category ahead of Minecraft and numerous other popular games to be the fourth-most-popular stream on Twitch. It paid off in game one as he got a clear advantage and converted with a fine win. Having already gone wrong, Grischuk fell into a trap and played 32. You might expect Grischuk to struggle immediately after such a reversal, but again he outplayed Carlsen. might have been the move of the match, but missing 26... Would Carlsen ever have a satisfactory opening position?! Carlsen was still winning, but after a final slip, he had to permit a repetition.In total, more than 72,000 unique viewers watched the match. Grischuk had won every Chess960 game from his match against Levon Aronian, and he acknowledged reviewing the first 960 position today. Grischuk was dominating game five early with complete control of the open c-file, but absolutely incredible resistance by Carlsen kept him in the fight until the two entered an endgame favoring Carlsen. In game seven, Carlsen got his first "vintage Carlsen" win.Carlsen lost the opening two games before slamming down three wins in a row to go up by a point.

From then on, Carlsen never relinquished the lead (well, once Grischuk managed to level the score albeit for just one game), but it wasn't until the final 30 minutes of bullet that he really pulled away.

Grischuk had frequently outplayed Carlsen, and had closed with a win. If he couldn't convert good positions in 5|2, the faster mini-matches were certain to pose problems.

Entering 3|2, Carlsen became the first Blitz Battle competitor to score a win against Grischuk in Chess960. ripped open Grischuk's king cover and allowed a relentless attack.

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As the 5|2 mini-match closed, both players could find positives.