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Grad student dating freshman

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where student was considered a more lofty and ambitious title, one who was actively seeking knowledge, not just learning it because they were required to.

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But it is not a punishable crime (sending children to work instead of school is a crime).In Nepal 12-year school is categorized in three stages: Primary school, Secondary school and Higher Secondary school.For college it averages 4 years for bachelor's degree (except MBBS which is 5 and half years programme) and 2 years master's degree.Most bachelor's degrees span over four years, followed by 2 years master's degree. Once the transition is complete, elementary or grade school comprises grades 1 to 6.Although the term student may refer to learners of any age or level, the term 'pupil' is used by the Department of Education to refer to learners in the elementary level, particularly in public schools.For undergraduate it is 3 years except Engineering (BTech or BE) which is of 4 years degree course, Architecture (B.

Arch) which is 5 years degree course and Medical (MBBS) which is of 4.5 years degree course and 1 year Internship, so 5.5 years.

There are mainly two types of educational institutions: government or public, and private institutions.

Several stages have to be undergone by the prospective students leading to higher qualifications, such as Bachelor's Degree.

In Iran 12-year school is categorized in 2 stages: Elementary school and High school.

It takes 6 years for a student to graduate from elementary school and 5 years for high school and 1 year for pre-university college( independed on your field) .

Because of the socio-economic state of Bangladesh, child labour is sometimes legal.