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Archeological excavations indicate a widespread use of Greek and Coptic in Nubia since the fourth and fifth centuries, if not before.Of course the dominance of Hellenistic cultural features in the Christian Nubian kingdoms, including the adoption of Greek as a primary language, did not begin in the sixth century.

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We invite you to come and join us to experience the worship of Early Christianity in a modern setting.For example, in Nubian, the qualified follows the qualifier, and postpositions are used in place of prepositions; the case in Coptic is different.Although the majority of Old Nubian documents discovered were religious in nature, many administrative documents, concerning a wide variety of legal matters such as land and slave ownership, were found. Greek By the time the Nubian kingdoms converted to Christianity in the sixth century CE, Greek has already replaced Meroitic as the primary written language.Greek was evidently the legal language of Old Dongola; administrative and church documents discovered in the town were largely Greek.Could this be just the kind of "X-ray vision" the scholars need? And the secret password is always invisible, hidden until you slid the paper into this sleeve, and then the secret word is revealed. D., a mid-sized capital city in Greek-ruled Egypt, the city of Oxyrhynchus—actually, found buried in the Oxyrhynchus city dump, in rubbish mounds.

Well, what if the secret words aren't part of a kids' board game, but instead are on a crumbling, ancient manuscript? These are only a few of the faded fragments found buried near the outskirts of what was, at around the turn from B. Yet somehow, buried above the water tables and beneath the dry sands of Egypt, for all those centuries, almost half a million of these papyri fragments survived, these pieces of ancient paper made from papyrus. You shave the stalk into thin strips, lay them parallel to each other, lay strips running perpendicular to them; you pound it or press it, such that the cell walls break down.

Theologically speaking, this feast is an extension of the Divine Liturgy – the Holy Eucharist (in Greek “Eucharistia”=thanksgiving).

(This video is no longer available for streaming.) Can a space-age technology help crack the secrets of barely legible writings from ancient Egypt?

————————————————————————————————————————————————– The Gentleness of God There is a very unique tenderness in the feast of Christmas; God has lowered Himself to reach us, and He has gone all the way as He lowered Himself to the ultimate gentleness, fragility and vulnerability of a baby.

This is one of those real human moments that God has embraced, which make us stand […] God’s answer to the Arrogance of Wealth and Power Christ is born, Glorify Him!

Excavated from a long-buried city, a half-million papyri fragments now sit in a vault at Oxford University.