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Guidance for dating after a divorce

guidance for dating after a divorce-3

I prayed to God for a sign when the end was near so we could all be there with Mum at the end.

As I turned and looked outside to the rooftop balcony, I saw my Mum and brother outside, walking towards us, holding hands and smiling.Reply I lost my dear Mum early this morning after a 12 month battle with cancer.It was a long few days leading up to this and we were all very tired.My dad always played the number 248 in the lottery. I was walking my dogs one day through the neighborhood and made a comment to my deceased husband that it was his turn to take the dogs….. New checking account and last three numbers on my account. I’m going on an interview and I asked my dad if it is the right choice and the lady I am interviewing with has 248 in her phone number. Reply My husband passed away in 2011, I have vivid memories where he came to me in a dream to say goodbye.The first dime i found was right after my Daughter & Grand Daughter moved into their own place.

I lived alone and found a dime beside my bed after getting home from work.

Reply A ladybug was in my bathroom sink this morning.

A cover is over the drain so I am not sure how it got in my home, but this was the first one I had ever seen in my home.

Reply i know exactly how you feel- i lost my mom 8yrs ago on aug.29th My dad just past this year on aug.30 And i lost my son early october.

The time between my dad and son were so quick tho, i didnt have time to mourn for my dad much. Reply I know my Father sends me signs because i find dimes a lot.

We saw her so happy in heaven with our brother who had passed as a newborn 30 years ago. I saw her spirit rising from her body and then returning to her body as she put in the last bit of fight.