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Highly sensitive men dating

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I cry at the drop of a hat and I can’t even watch movies that focus on animals “in case they get upset at some point.” Don’t even get me started if the animal dies; I’ll go into a meltdown for about a week.

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As people who feel things more deeply, this is hardly surprising.Perhaps its the aforementioned intuition or the fact that they are so in tune with how people feel. Again, highly sensitive people are so in tune with others, observant and empathetic that they’re the perfect people to offer life advice.Animals also seems to be drawn to sensitive people.Being more intuitive means that highly sensitive people can also read people far easier than most.This means that it’s difficult to lie to them because they’ll see right through it. Because of their intuitiveness, empathy and attention to details, they can also feel the pain of others.When it comes to being sensitive, it isn’t all bad. You have to take the bad with the good, and either way it becomes obvious that there are a lot of things that highly sensitive people do differently. They simply feel things more deeply than some other people.

The downside to the above is that they’re also more likely to cry easily.

People tend to be drawn to those who are sensitive, as they tend to have a kind of draw power, whether they wish to or not.

People also tend to want to talk to highly sensitive people about their problems.

One of the biggest downsides to being highly sensitive is the higher likelihood of having a predisposition for anxiety and depression.

Although these can also be hereditary, feeling things deeper and stronger than others means that these illnesses are all the more likely to occur.

Those who are acutely aware of the way they make choices may take longer to eventually come to a decision.