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The steel cars, also known as heavyweights, were significantly heavier than their wood predecessors each weighing about 141,000 pounds or 70.5 tons and were around 83 feet long.In 1960, the Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad bought several of these Northern Pacific cars for its Ski Train service from Denver to Winter Park.

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Great effort was exerted to ensure that the interior of the railcars evoked the spirit of opulent rail travel at the beginning of the twentieth century.It was dubbed “The Columbia” when sold to Canadian National in 1965 and in 1978 was sold again to Via and remained in service on the Super Continental.Tour Alaska purchased the car in 1983 and renamed it “Mt.The Cabernet Sauvignon Lounge Car is one of the 1915 Pullmans that came from the Denver Rio Grande, originally built for the Northern Pacific Railway.This was one of the four cars on the first Wine Train that ran through the Napa Valley on September 16th, 1989.It was added to the consist in 1990, the Napa Valley Wine Train’s second year of operation, and boasts the largest capacity at 72.

Today, this car is one of the two main dining cars for our Gourmet Express Dining Journey, with tables for four along both sides of the car.

It weighed 224,000 pounds and has 625 square feet of glass.

The Napa Valley Wine Train’s Dome Car was originally Number 52 and went into service on the Olympia Hiawatha in 1952.

The Champagne Vista Dome is a two story rail car that was built in 1952 and was one of the first ten full dome cars constructed by Pullman Standard.

It originally seated 68 people on the upper level and the lower level was a cafe that sat 28.

An all steel car provided significant improvements in safety to rail travelers.