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Intersexed adult dating

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(She never had a uterus or ovaries at all.) These produced testosterone, which her body then converted to estrogen.In Kimberly's case, leaving the testes intact would have allowed her body to self-regulate and age without synthetic hormones.

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The doctors pushed them to consent to a surgery to remove them, essentially a hysterectomy.She spent her 16th birthday that summer recuperating from the operation, but other scars wouldn't heal."On some level, I knew I was not being told the whole truth," Kimberly says. I was the kid who did what I was told, who wanted to please adults and doctors.I sensed something awful was being hidden from me, and I didn't know who I could trust."It wasn't until 26 years later that she learned the truth: She was intersex.We have had very different lives and, of course, I can't imagine what it feels like to have soared so high, winning your 800m gold medal in such a spectacular fashion, and then having that great achievement pushed aside as the world's media descended on you, ignoring your feelings, confidentiality and basic humanity, and going in for the kill.But just like you, Caster, I had never doubted my female sex – I have a female birth certificate and was raised as a girl and had no reason to question my biology.Self-appointed "medical experts", who often aren't working in this area of medicine, keep popping up to peddle prejudices and dangerous myths. It should be our choice, not that of doctors or fearful, ashamed parents.

Such as AIS XY women must have their testes removed straightaway. It means a slightly-increased risk of cancer, which can be monitored.

While her friends were shopping for cute bras and debating tampons versus pads, Kimberly Zieselman had yet to start her period.

So at 15 years old, her parents insisted on taking her to the doctor.

Now 15 years on, and with the excellent support of Dr Conway and his team at UCL's Middlesex Centre, I am very happy, well-adjusted, recently married and I have turned my pain into my work – I'm a "wounded healer", helping others overcome painful challenges and be happy with who they are. Native American tribes call intersex "two-spirits" and revere us for being the best warriors and healers.

Your South African sports minister, the Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile, made you a promise: "Caster is a woman, she remains our heroine.

I have a very rare condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS).