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Is interracial dating dangerous

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His description gave her confidence, because he swore he hated her and her dark skin. So her mother was essentially left to pull herself together.

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Deshaun blinded by rage did not realize the officers were in place.The whole while he told her what a worthless person she was. I can find another woman that is much better than you. It was in that hospital room that her mother spoke to her honestly. "I love you, and I hate seeing him treat you like this. She recalled the intense agony of her child dying and then slowly evacuating her body. Before she could get two words out, she was on the floor. Her step-father, Frank, mistreated her mom, beat her, and three years ago when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, chose to go off with younger woman.I won't be here much longer, and I won't be here to protect you. He would not take her to a hospital because he feared being arrested again. Last year at the Greene's Anniversary dinner, Deshaun crossed a line. He snatched her up, and flung her around, punching her viciously. He didn't simply leave; he left with a cruel parting shot.Nash remembered meeting Keisha a year earlier when that same boyfriend was released on a technicality. Carl explained to Dylan that her injuries were serious. Keisha was rushed to surgery, having suffered serious injuries.The surgeon was able to repair the damage, a ruptured spleen, repaired damage to her kidneys and liver.He'd make darn sure he did not get off on a technicality this time.

Several more cars arrived and an ambulance was dispatched for the young woman who had been severely beaten. Carl called his friend, Dylan Nash, and told him of the arrest.

The love scenes will come as the Dylan and Keisha's story develop.

So if you want a quick fix, please find another story that will fulfill that need. Any errors are my own, but please don't allow them to distract you.

Hello readers, Thank you all for reading Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story. The character Keisha was introduced briefly in chapter two of that tale, and for some reason I feel compelled to tell her story.

I must state that these are fictional characters and exist solely in my imagination. I must warn you the first chapter is a bit rough and there is NO SEX in this chapter.

He was angry because she wasn't there to cater to him. On Tuesday night, she got an emergency call from Mya, her best friend. The residential supervisor had called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She endured a lot at his hands, even other females. One night after waiting up till early in the morning, he staggered in smelling of booze, weed, and women. Eventually she was able to ball her body into a tight ball as he continued his assault.