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'That dog should be put down and that police department should be held responsible in civil court the same as any other pet owner!

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' One of the officers then yells at the bystanders to get back. 'My own dog is better trained than that,' one of the bystanders, who appeared to be walking his dog, said.'Nunez's clip then shows the K9 biting the suspect, who is screaming in agony, while the officer unsuccessfully tries to get the animal off.Within a few seconds, blood starts gushing out of the man's arm.We noticed in the past few weeks he really broke out of his shell.He had exceptional ability and we were excited about that," said Williams.The officer doesn't seem to have the proper training.

Also that dog is not well trained.'The attack unfolded on Monday afternoon.

The man arrested in San Diego, California, was left with a large open wound after the dog pounced on him and sank its teeth into its forearm.

Angel Nunez, captured the incident on his way to work, and posted the video to Facebook.'This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9,' he captioned it.'There is something definitely wrong with this picture.

Bell County Deputy James Taulbee and his police dog, Kane, were called to a traffic stop on U. Taulbee rewarded the dog with his ball and put him back inside is patrol car.

After the driver of the vehicle, 38-year-old Romero Norris, of Louisville, was arrested, Kentucky State Police troopers began searching his car.

The video then shows two officers who arrive at the scene to hold the suspect's legs down.