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(Not lying) I remember one of the guys telling me some history about how the store got there so I went home and read as many interviews as I could to learn more.Stussy is a brand that started the birth of street wear, and it was the first brand I bought when I got a job and had my own money. I admire the brands efforts to once combine fashion culture with street wear culture, two completely different worlds. R: Going to art museums, taking photos, drinking iced coffee twice a day, watching foreign films, collecting magazines, watching interviews of people I admire and going to hip hop clubs with my friends.

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People here are so much more braver with their style that it made me feel more comfortable to be like that too.Also, now I am more into mixing solid colors and balancing them out with my white sneakers. This store had the best staff in all of NYC, I would go there even times I didn’t have money to buy anything just to say hello to them.They even let me make music playlists to play in the store.2- I overthink everything, and make things bigger than they are.It’s kind of random but during high school I was really into sports and it was the last athletics competition day of my high school life so I was like “Yo, I will just do everything” even though I was only good at running.I also think I got a lot more into street style and am moving away from feminine clothing, which I used to be into. R: I was once heavily into print on clothes, especially paisley, but without realizing, since moving to Korea I have focused more on the silhouette of an outfit.

Whether it’s the pleats of a skirt or tying a shirt around my waist. R: I owe a lot of my style and what I’ve learned about clothes to my time as a young teen who visited the Stussy story everyday.

Not breaking news or anything, but on a little stroll through Shanghai's Xintiandi district I noticed an obnoxiously loud store front shrouded in Bape camo...

Xintiandi is a small walking district of Shanghai that has kept the small walking streets and passages exactly as they were back in the day.

Fast forward to passing skaters on the streets of NY, their style to me is perfect, comfortable enough to allow them to skate but they may throw on a really cool Supreme tee from 5 years ago with some vans. I think if a skater accused me of stealing their style, I would be guilty. In addition, I always find myself wearing the same few articles of clothing over and over again, I think my attachment also shows in my style.

I am inspired by anyone who is able to create signature looks for themselves. Yeezus tour shirt, Olive green Stussy jacket I’ve had for years, Vintage Ralph Lauren button-up I found in my older brother’s closet when he moved out, 2011 wool Supreme hat, black culottes I bought in Korea, Sukajan from Tokyo.

Now my influence is also combined with the fact that I just really love people watching and I will sometimes see someone wearing something in a way I haven’t seen before and get inspired to try it or adjust it to my style.