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Ladslads gay dating

Peter Wilby on why the elderly may yet come out for Remain – and sneering at toffs. Kevin Maguire’s Commons Confidential: Shadow cabinet tittering over Hilary Benn’s “St Crispin’s Day speeches” – and why Boris’s sweaty biking is the bane of TV make-up artists. What it means to be a man is in a state of flux as workforce changes undermine the traditional notion of the breadwinner. From an early age, what it is to be a man is drilled into young boys.Being sporty and athletic; talking about women in an often degrading way; getting into fights – these can all be seen as “manly”. .] Keegan Hirst is a striking example of the way in which our sense of what it is to be a man is evolving.

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The exception remains notable by its tragedy: Justin Fashanu, who came out in 1990 and ended up taking his own life.That’s the outside perception but it’s what I thought – that I’d be less in their eyes.” The response could hardly have been more different. “He felt bad about what I’d gone through, that I’d gone through it alone.The whole point of a team is you look after each other, you go through it together, you’re all pulling in the same direction.” Within a week of coming out, the fact that he was gay was integrated into casual banter.I think, actually, the reaction would be hugely supportive and would be received very positively if someone is brave enough.” Even in football, the old, unreconstructed masculinity is in retreat.“I’m not so sure football is as macho these days,” Lineker suggests.Only Lads is the number one online gay social network and dating community, now available as a gorgeous app on i Phone and i Pad!

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“It’s all in jest – I know if anyone did it with any malice from the outside, the group would be the first to jump in and say that’s not on and fight my corner.” Sport is often regarded as a fortress of unreconstructed masculinity.

And, as Hirst says, because being gay is seen as almost the ultimate form of unmanliness, it is not surprising that there are so few openly LGBT sports players.

“When I was growing up, my dad wasn’t around, so my idea of being a man was from my mum and what I read in books,” he said. He sums up his fears: “It’d undermine everything you’d done previously, years of playing, earning their respect.

“Manners, being chivalrous, looking after someone when they were sick.” But he could hardly have been unaware of what manliness meant for others: “shagging loads of girls and knocking someone’s head off, the ‘Lads! I suppose the idea is that being gay conflicts with ‘being a man’; it makes you less of a man.

So this week the team discuss the worst games they played in 2017.