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Live lolicon cams

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They dont know anything about security or anything else and yeah i bet its easy to hack them.

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The only things they usualy know is how to turn it on or off and to chat and browse.Reason there must be some unplanned way to hijack these webcams to obey the will of you, not their legitimate owner, and thus to spy on schoolgirls. That’s definitely the original hacker’s line of thought.Stealing dollars is but one of the cool problems a hacker might try to solve.Ya, I used to have a cam and a mic hooked up on my PC till I realized that they were always on even if I wasn’t actively using them.I started to wonder who might be watching/listening to me do the various things one does with a computer.So, the cops will hunt him, because he can take it. The only things they usualy know is how to turn it on or off and to chat and browse.

I can garantue you that many of them will click on it.

Okay, tell me I’m not the only person who was afraid of the proliferation of computer-based cameras and microphones with internet capabilities.

I was only afraid of Big Brother watching me, but it seems that deplorable perverts are way ahead of them/him.

Being German is no excuse for writing like a 14-year-old. : I And this is why on my Macbook I have a piece of thick construction paper taped over the webcam ALWAYS, unless I actually want to use it. Reason webcams are everywhere now, and there are schoolgirls out there chatting with it all the time.

Sheesh, you tarnish our heroic nation for which at least one faithful lolicon will go to jail. Whether or not it’s turned on, the camera can’t see through the paper. Reason all of this goes through the Internet, with the webcam controlled by a computer.

Most are just security cams and stuff but some are kinda interesting.