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It’s also given her a clearer idea of the kind of man she is ultimately looking for.

She recalls how one customer, bored in his marriage, asked her to be his mistress. A talkative woman, Celine enjoys spending time chatting with clients, many of them well-off professionals, who are looking for a dinner companion or meaningful conversation. To the younger ones, she is like “a big sister” they can look up to.Although she has met a man with a taste for sado-masochism, who paid her HK$2,000 to “beat” him, she insists there was no sex involved. Her clients usually take her to the cinema or meet up for a chat, Jo says.She states clearly on her Instagram account that anything sexual is completely off the menu.After all, I’m not selling my body.” The part-time partner phenomenon works both ways, and part-time boyfriend Brian, 23, is certainly no gigolo.After an unhappy experience last year brought out a masochistic streak in him, he searched the internet for a dominatrix for some excitement.She says most of her customers are introverted, or just lonely and want some company.

One had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was looking for a substitute companion.

She has no problem with the social stigma attached to being a PTGF. It’s not much different from seeing a social worker.

I have nothing to fear about people finding out I’m a PTGF.

Spending time with customers does not give her the feeling of being in a relationship, she says. We don’t talk about materialistic things or money when we are in love.” One client asked her to be his girlfriend, but she told him straight that a PTGF is merely a commodity and any relationship is ephemeral.

“I advised him to find a loyal girl who will spend time with him for the rest of his life.” Jo worries about her family and friends finding out what she does, especially her father, who is very traditional. Celine, 26, a PTGF and tutor at a language school, is also harassed by men asking her for sex, but she always refuses requests for sex.

To more mature clients, she is an equally good companion, able to sympathise with the problems they face in their careers or family lives.