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Lotus domino calendar error validating user

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To prohibit a "Do you want to save your changes" I set Save Options to "0" (this will not be saved in document). The reason I needed the If not function was because if the STAT field is "Needs Checking" I want it to go into the Folder named Checking...If it is not I want the user to be able to choose the folder.The foldername is in a variable, so that @Command( [Folder] ; ... I should be able to work this out though - thanks for your help!

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The Lotus Notes connector needs the Lotus Notes email client to be installed on the machine where the connector resides.If another tab appears showing the selected user’s calendar, then the access to the Domino server and that the operations done through the Lotus Notes mail client API are executed properly.The Lotus message test tool is located in the /Install Files folder. To test just the query user credentials enter the same username in the Search user calendar section."; "STAT"; "Needs Checking" : "Needs Amending" : "Checked" ); @If(STAT="Needs Checking";@Set Field("USER";@Name([CN];@User Name)) & @Set Field("REF";@Unique) & @Command([File Save]) & @Command( [Edit Document]; "0" ) & @Command([Folder];"Checking";"1") & @Command([Close Window]); @Command([File Save]) & @Command( [Edit Document] ; "0" ) & @Command([Folder];"";"1") & @Command([Close Window])) @Command( [Edit Document]; "1" ); FIELD STAT := @Prompt([Ok Cancel List]; "Select and Action"; "Checking Status?"; "STAT"; "Needs Checking" : "Needs Amending" : "Checked" ); @If( STAT="Needs Checking"; @Do( @Set Field("USER";@Name([CN];@User Name)); @Set Field("REF";@Unique); @Command([File Save]); @Command( [Edit Document]; "0" ); @Command([Folder];"Checking";"1"); @Command([Close Window]) ); @Do( @Command([File Save]); @Command( [Edit Document] ; "0" ); @Command([Folder];"";"1"); @Command([Close Window])) ) @Command( [Edit Document]; "1" ); FIELD STAT := @Prompt([Ok Cancel List]; "Select and Action"; "Checking Status?The query user has maximum rights to all users calendars, and we recommend that the query user and password are only to be used in the installation process.

The query users ONLY purpose should be to set up the Lotus Notes connector in the Total View Administration.

But head over to this announcement and see for yourself!

I have a problem with this error message appearing when the button is used: "Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Number Expected" Everything works fine - it just pops up the error message when "Needs Checking" is selected Code: @Command( [Edit Document]; "1" ); FIELD STAT := @Prompt([Ok Cancel List]; "Select and Action"; "Checking Status?

You can choose any option since it does not have effect on the client behavior. Enter the password for the query user This step prompts for the password corresponding to the configured user.

Entering it here it’s a simple way to validate this data before configuring the Total View Lotu Notes connector to use it. Skip the other services that can be configured Step 6. Browse the user’s calendar Once the client configured you can access the query user calendar.

You can also maintain the fidelity of your email and calendar data, including recurring meetings and active mail, in order to mitigate the risk of lost or delayed operations.