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Malta ukraine dating

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However, it might be wise to sound a note of caution on this.

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But do current investors believe this is happening?Turning to another benchmark, current investors believe that while Malta’s innovation environment remains weak it has made significant strides forward.Simultaneously, there is a recurring and growing perception that its transport and logistics infrastructure deters investment. Let’s start with the bottom line: Malta remains attractive to foreign investors.We inherited a country that was yearning for a change in direction, and for decisions to be taken at the pace which our businesses expected.Productivity, like success, does not happen by chance.This is down from over three out of every five the previous year.

We are living in an increasingly dynamic and digital world.

While in comparison with other countries Malta still scores highly on these benchmarks, the dip is significant.

For an island with no natural resources and whose chances to sink or swim depend only on its people, its geographic location and EU membership, this is worrying.

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