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He said goodnight to everyone, and walked the short distance back to the apartment he shared with Rob.He was still up watching television when Rob and Inez came home. Thought you would go to Inez's place," Arthur said.

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"As a matter of fact, I thought we could watch a movie," Inez said.She was the daughter of legendary Miami attorney Raul Jacobs, and many other students found her intimidating.In Rob and Arthur, however, she found equals, as they could argue finer legal points between themselves than they could with the other students.He nodded to some of the regulars, smiled and greeted still others, the few, the proud, the ones still working out.He removed his sweaty clothes, stripping nude and heading to the shower.They had met in law school, eventually becoming roommates.

They had a lot in common, respected each other's intellect, and genuinely enjoyed the other's company.

He entered the shower, enjoying the feel of the water on his lean, muscled body, soaping himself, down to the crotch.

His hand ran the length of his eight inch cock, and he allowed himself the indulgence of rubbing it again, perhaps in subconscious anticipation of tonight's reunion.

"No, I think you'll like this one," Inez said with a mysterious chuckle, hitting play and taking a big swallow of beer.

Arthur was startled to discover what Inez had put on was a porno.

Inez had black, luxurious hair, full lips, and a stellar body, with a full bosom, slim waist, and an ample, sexy derriere.