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Then came home and tried not to cry in-front of his roommate, Cyr.He finished his night by crying in the shower and finally went to bed at 5 a.m., still crying.

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Greg puts on a sticker mustache and announces the video will be themed "Hannah Minx Come Back".($ource) In late 2011, there had been a bit of talk among viewers about Greg and Hannah dating.It was dismissed as rumors due to neither of them publicly mentioning dating one another.(Source) In 2012, after revealing his girlfriend, Taylor, to his audience, Greg received a lot of criticism for dating another teenager.To defend himself, he listed the ages of everyone he had dated during his You Tube career.The description to the video read "Cry, cry, cry... hopefully heal ~ that's been my life as of late." In the video, Greg says right before filming a video with Black Box TV, he was dumped by someone he was not officially dating.

He sucked it up, filmed the video, ate at Denny's, then cried on the highway.

Greg's video was titled "BRUTAL METAL FAIL" ($ource) and Hannah's was titled "DETH METAL Date".

(Source) Their next collaboration was "DATE TAPE ORGY", uploaded on May 15, 2010.

On February 14, 2017, Greg confirmed in a video that Hannah was the You Tuber he "secretly dated". He says two weeks into the relationship he told her he loved her.

He says she did not feel the same way and broke up with him over the phone.

($ource) In a 2013 video, when reflecting back on working with Hannah, Greg says once when working on a video together, he wrote a script where his character "perved out on her", referring to him staring at her boobs.