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Most intimidating football uniforms

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And they all wore their classically simple uniform.

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Even when the Hurricanes aren’t competing for national titles, when opponents see that “U” on the side of the helmet, they know that it’s going to be one hell of a battle.Much like OU’s uniforms, Texas keeps a sharp, clean look with both their all-whites or orange tops, bringing back memories of former Heisman winner Ricky Williams steamrolling through defenders on his way to a then NCAA all-time rushing yards record.Oh, and did I not mention that Longhorn on the side of the helmet yet?Yeah, that’s basically the state symbol for being a badass in Texas, with nearly every kid on the burnt grass fields hoping that, one day, they can wear the helmet on Saturday afternoons.There’s a reason why Penn State is often referred to as “Linebacker U.” Here’s a hint: It’s because they’ve fielded some of the best ‘backers in college football history.With the crimson and cream color combo and no added frills on either the jersey or helmet, OU never needs to do an overhaul of their uniforms, because they’re as timeless as ever.

One of the biggest rivalries in college sports, the Texas Longhorns say, “anything you can do, we can do better,” to their former Big 12 counterparts, the Oklahoma Sooners.

And while all of these new designs are great and all, there’s just something about a classic uniform that will never get old.

Sure, they may not have all the bells and whistles that these new ones do, but these iconic college football uniforms have stood the test of time and are some of the most recognizable in sports. Tennessee Volunteers They may have had a little brighter tint to them in recent years, but the Tennessee Volunteers’ football uniforms are still as classic as any on the collegiate gridiron.

That spear on the helmet is classic Florida State, representing the history and future of the Seminoles program—with the design going unchanged for what seems like forever.

The color scheme of garnet and gold is about as easy on the eyes as any uniform on this list, with anyone old enough to remember the dominant teams of the ’90s knowing that when the Noles came marching onto the field, there was hell that would be paid.

From highlighter yellow, to all-black with pink numbers for breast cancer awareness, the Ducks take the most chances when it comes to their designs—we just never know what they’ll march out onto the field in each week.