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Mouseover intimidating shout macro

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This macro is a bit lame tbh but i urge to share it, i call it Deathstorm XDDeathstorm#showtooltip Recklessness/cast [button:2] Battle Stance/stopmacro [button:2]/cast Sweeping Strikes/cast [stance:1/2] Berserker Stance/stopmacro [stance:1]/castsequence reset=5 Recklessness, Bladestorm This macro will cast Sweeping Strikes, Berserker Stance, Recklessness, Bladestorm in sequence but it won't activate if any of these skills are on Cooldown so dont put it on the same hotkey as Bladestorm, Sweeping Strikes or Recklessness.

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Shattering Throw#showtooltip Shattering Throw/cast Shattering Throw/cast [nostance:1] battle stance When pesky Paladins and Mages use their Oh Shi!Best idea would be to add /cancelaura to most, if not all, macros.Secondly, it switches you to Battle Stance and then Charges the target if in range of Charge, or Hamstrings the target if in melee range.Charge#showtooltip Charge/cancelaura Bladestorm/equipset Offense/cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance/cast [nomod, @target] Charge/cast [nomod, @target] Hamstring/cast [mod : alt, @focus] Charge/cast [mod : alt, @focus] Hamstring/startattack Possibly the most important macro for Warriors. I forgot to mention is above but it's possible the most important macro command to have.You should be able to cancel a Bladestorm any moment you want in order to fear, charge, pummel or anything else.I generally call them Offense or Defense, but pick any name that you want, as long as it is not stuff like Gìmlí and Ärágön sets.

(I kid.)Spell Reflect: #showtooltip Spell Reflection/stopcasting/equipset Defense/cast Spell Reflection The reason for having /stopcasting there is to interrupt Slam.

I also added mouseover macros to my charge and intervene to make swapping targets easier.

Just be careful not to spam it.#showtooltip Bladestorm/cast Bloodbath/cast Bladestorm/cancelaura Bladestorm(P.

You can also replace Party1 and Party 2 for the player names.

I keep my healer on normal Intervene and my dps on shift.

However, the 10% damage reduction in D-Stance is good to have if you are going defensive anyways. Intervene to your team mates without targetting them.