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The two Gibb brothers albums recorded in 1969 were released early in the year, one by Barry and Maurice as the Bee Gees, the other by Robin.

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After this date Maurice was busy rehearsing and playing in the musical Sing a Rude Song for about two months.Robin’s distinctive piano playing is featured on ‘Very Special Day’.The bittersweet lyrics about a soldier going away would be followed up in ‘Sing Slowly Sisters’, which he wrote and recorded around the same time.It might be Steve Kipner but the backing vocal does not sound like Tin Tin.Maybe the same unknowns recorded ‘Soldier Johnny’ too, although then when did Maurice record his version?Barry began recording a solo album in February, after spending a couple of months writing.

Only the single ‘I’ll Kiss Your Memory’ was released, but many of the songs were later recorded by other artists.

Few recording dates are known but certainly most of the songs are from January and February.

Two songs are on a reel dated January (no day stated).

Robin Gibb — vocal, guitar, piano orchestra arranged by Kenny Clayton engineer: ?

producer: Robin Gibb, Vic Lewis January and February 1970, London Recording for Robin’s second solo album, just before the first one was released.

But at the same time, all three brothers were working separately on new albums.