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Non intimidating synonyms

"social-integrated" and are rewarded for their behavior.

While they are less likely to be physically aggressive, they may use peer pressure, such as surrounding a victim with a large group of harassing peers in order to force the victim to do something he or she doesn't want to do or are afraid to do.And while there is no study for this, we cannot discount the fact that children are surrounded by role models such as parents, teachers, coaches, and so on who use domineering, bullying type behaviors, such as name-calling, spanking, and withdrawal of approval, to get them to do what they want.Dominant individuals in a peer group already know how to control and weld social aggression to reach their goals.However, if we look at the synonyms for bullying which include persecute, harass, torment, strong-arm, brow-beat, and dominate, we can see that bullying is a manifestation of aggression in young people that mirrors the larger scale aggression that exists in families, between racial and ethic and religious groups, in the political arena, and between nations.Here are some other definitions of bullying: A Relationship Framework for Understanding Bullying National Bullying Prevention Center Stop Teens Against Bullying Typically, bullying is discussed in terms of what happens in the schoolyard.Violence and aggression, and drug and alcohol abuse in the home are seen as the root cause for peer aggression.

Little research has been done specifically on bullying as a behavior as separated from aggressive behavior.

But much has been done on dealing with aggression in children.

So for these individuals, a focus on teaching how to control frustration and violent reactions is key.

People are much more likely to react when a victim is beaten and battered than when a victim is isolated or name-called.

Even our politicians are free to act this way with minimal consequences.

For the socially-integrated or effective leaders, bullying is the way they become dominant and popular in their peer group. Usually the victim is someone with few friends, who is poorly adjusted socially, and who the other members of the peer group dislike and are willing to harass.