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Norman reedus dating laurie holden

Ending on a nice bloody note, the stalker’s girlfriend brutally murders him in the bathroom.154. 7 What do you do when your daughter has cystic fibrosis and you can’t pay her medical bills? That’s what Elizabeth Banks and Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s husband and wife do.

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Maggie Siff’s court officer helps them dispose of the body.194. 9 Benson gets in a car accident with Stabler’s pregnant wife! The investigation reveals they are both abusive to each other.190. 5 Amanda Seyfried plays a student found duct taped and beaten in her dorm.After he’s found not guilty for reasons of dementia, he kills himself on the courthouse steps.165. 1 An FBI informant for Marcia Gay Harden’s Agent Dana Lewis is raped by a drug dealer.After she kills her rapist, Benson goes undercover to help stop an attack by an eco-terrorist group, but the informant attempts to blow up an office building first.164. 17 That time Luke Cage was a Uganda war criminal who killed a sex slave then tried to strangle Stabler with the handle of a mop.163. 6 Stabler is in a mood when Cragen pairs him with another detective (David Keith).Also: the father of the child is also its grandfather.161. 4 An ex-con is suspected in a series of murders and rapes targeting young black women.After the suspect dies in a drug overdose the case leads to a music producer.She then admits she loves the son and pulls him off a rooftop with her. But in this episode it hinders their ability to investigate a case where a woman (Shannyn Sossamon) accuses her professor of rape.166. 10 A retried pro football player (Treat Williams) is charged with the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl.

His attorney (Andre Braugher) uses his sports-related concussions as a case for mental instability.

Oh, then he records it and sells the videotapes back to them as souvenirs.170. 2 Sherilyn Fenn pretends to be raped by her ex-husband so her lover (Frank Grillo) will kill him. Mary Stuart Masterson’s psychiatrist Hendrix (who Stabler keeps flirting with) uses the girl’s drawings to find the abuser and it ends up being a rugby player at her school.168. 18 A pregnant woman’s dead body seems to link to a love triangle quarrel between a father (Stephen Collins) and a son (Matthew Davis).

Then she frames her stepson (Jonathan Bennett) who she’s also sleeping with, then marries him so he won’t testify against her. While both are suspected of the murder, it’s their attorney (Michelle Borth) who killed the woman out of jealousy. 8 Benson and Stabler ofter disagree on cases, usually stemming from something personal in their lives.

After he’s raped and murdered in jail, she’s tricked into a confession.182. 3 A drug addict mother sells one of her unborn children to a baby broker (Bruce Altman). A group of mothers have been acting as drug mules, sneaking cans of baby formula with cocaine across the Mexican border.

But when her baby is stillborn she does what anyone does when they’re looking for quick cash – steals another woman’s baby from a grocery store.181. Stabler goes undercover to catch the dirty cop behind the operation.180. 2 Two teenagers go missing; one planned his kidnapping to get ransom money and the other is a young girl thought to be kidnapped and raped by an older man. 2 Dan Lauria plays a Jerry Sandusky-inspired sports coach who has been secretly abusing young boys on his basketball team.

EADA Sonya Paxton screws up the trial when she shows up to court drunk and plays the wrong CGI-reenactment of the crime for the jury. Stabler goes to Prague with Pam Grier’s DA to find a young girl.157. 10 The 400th episode of ’s got murder, it’s got a mom with a secret, and a surprise during the trial.156. 16 A junior high student who might be a rape victim refuses to report the assault.