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Okinawa military dating

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In 2010, the congressman had to reimburse the Treasury Department $5,682 for his sons misuse of a taxpayer-funded Cadillac Escalade, the paper reports.It seems to me, hes perfect for the job, if he was able to use a Cadillac Escalade for $5,682.....

In a few short days, my Christmas present to myself and my family will be here.What we need to remember is Myers leaves behind people that cared about him.Appropriate care should be given to his family if there is fault found. Its very sad and I wish I didnt even have to address it, but I hate seeing this play out on Facebook news feeds.Perfect timing and much luck has made this trip possible.Nick is stationed with the Marine Air Wing 172 Firebirds there and serves with the ministry team as a Religious Program Specialist.Someone died and it tarnishes the respect we need to have for law enforcement.

Dont take this as being insensitive, but weve sort of forgotten that this all started with a person who became drunk, went and got a shotgun, and made threats.

Weve forgotten that within days of an accusation, a special prosecutor was appointed by our county to investigate Sheriff Justin Rugg for allegedly committing domestic battery against his wife in December of last year.

The same has been done for this case and the Attorney Generals Office is investigating this issue.

Im very qualified and unafraid to bring this up because I know Justin and his wife very well.

The nearly 8 month long investigation cost Sheriff Rugg the election and tarnished his wifes reputation at her job.

Normally, it would just be another day, but each time he does it, it makes me sick to my stomach because my son is attached to the Marines there and they will be the first to deploy in the event of a war.