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A function of this is when a character who has been seemingly heterosexual until this point falls for a member of their own gender, they jump the fence and become , particularly in Western productions.

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A few characters do manage to use a version of Ambiguously Gay to avoid scrutiny (see Hide Your Lesbians).Only adults who are 18 years of age (or older depending on the laws of the jurisdiction you live in) are allowed to access this material.Prior to access to the Men On The gay porn directory you must agree to the following Terms and Conditions.However, such characters will rarely call themselves bisexual; they may insist they're straight, or just leave it up in the air.Meanwhile, since male characters often act as the Audience Surrogate, their sexuality has to be strictly heterosexual, lest the show be forced into the Minority Show Ghetto.Sexy senior, Bruce Willis show off his cock at the beach.

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See also Override Command, Joe Sent Me, and Embarrassing Password.

The aspect of works of fiction where there is a lack of bisexual characters despite the definite existence of bisexual people in Real Life (1.8% of US population), and often don't even acknowledge their existence.

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Compare If Its You Its Ok, where an otherwise gay/straight character expresses interest in someone outside their usual target zone with nary a mention of the B word. Also contrast But Not Too Bi, which is essentially this trope in reverse—a character who is established as bisexual yet only shows interest in one gender.