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Remind yourself as often as needed that the very worst kind of loss is always yours.

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You may even be embarrassed or uneasy about expressing your grief to others, and may end up feeling isolated and alone in your grief.May you find comfort and understand your distraught feelings a little better after reading our pet loss page.Below you will find the answers to these probing questions: You may be surprised at the intensity of your sadness when your pet dies.Your pet has probably seen you naked, in all your glory, and he never told anyone about your big belly or sagging behind!As Sandi described in our lead story, your pet likely expressed pure joy and excitement when you returned home after an absence. I am sure that you loved your grandparent, or Aunt Nelly, or even your co-worker who was lost in an accident. But the unconditional love your pet gave to you created a different and very strong emotional attachment, a comforting presence that is sure to missed heartily.It shows that you have a big heart and compassion for all of God's creatures.

This is something to be proud of, not ashamed of or embarrassed over.

You may wonder if you are weird to be grieving so deeply over the loss of "just an animal". It is normal and healthy to mourn the loss of a deep love bond, whether that tie was to a human or an animal.

Outsiders may not understand, so just console yourself with this thought: You hurt deeply because you loved deeply!

Click on the two tabs in the Nav Bar, "Your Pain" and "Coping Strategies".

The information provided in these sections can apply to pet loss grief just as well. You will not have near the social and emotional support that a human death would bring.

Each animal is different, with a unique personality and a special bond with it's owner that cannot be duplicated.