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Philippines chat apps

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The app update also includes increased security across the platform for both group messages and one-to-one communication.

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To learn more about Similar Web, and to try out a live demo, contact us here.Finally, apps that only claimed one country include Kakao Talk in South Korea, imo in Cuba, Zalo in Vietnam, Chat On in Eritrea, and BBM in Indonesia. Black Berry’s BBM is still used by the masses in at least one country in the world: Indonesia.As of April 2016, the app was installed on 87.5% of all Android devices in the country, far surpassing any other country in terms of BBM use.Talk2 notifies you immediately when your recipient is offline, and gives you the option to halt the call or text.Pushing through means all your in-app calls and messages are redirected to your recipient’s Philippine mobile number, but also that you spend SMS credits and call minutes, so stock up on both on our Packages page!Line, We Chat, and Telegram are 3 other messaging apps claiming multiple countries with China, Iran, and Japan representing countries using one of these apps.

Japan’s obsession with Line is well documented and in a recent post, we discovered that not only is Line the most popular app in Japan, people who have it use it for an average of 40 minutes a day!

In fact, when comparing the install rate of BBM to other countries, it becomes clear just how large the divide is. S., only 0.42% of Androids had the BBM app, with Australia and the UK showing slightly higher use.

Finally, in the complete world map below, you can discover country-by-country which messaging app is used most.

In fact, in almost every country in the world, a messaging app is the most used app overall.

Of the 187 countries that Similar Web examined, Whats App was the world leader claiming 109 countries, or 55.6% of the world.

It is also known that, like the other countries in the region, the Philippines is an important market for smartphone chat and messaging apps.