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Girl gets merchandise inadvertently Girl gets on about noon Girl group with the 1986 Girl has half an hour in a state Girl has old 5d coin that's the same on both sides Girl having a field day Girl having nibble from cake in a story Girl held up by minders, those employed to look after her?

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Give a handicap of Give a hard time Give a hard time, slangil Give a heads-up Give a hint Give a hoot Give a job to Give a keynote Give a leg up Give a lewd look Give a licking Give a lift Give a line to Give a little Give a little push Give a little, take a lit Give a longing look Give a look that could ki Give a majority of the vo Give a makeover Give a mighty blow Give a name badge, say Give a name to first-class city of Arabia Give a new name to brand leader? branch Gits in a scrap (with)Giuliani adversary, once Giuliani, e.g. Girls in gowns Girls in the family Girls run in underwear Girls who love books? Girly artist with sunny exterior Girly girls' opposites Girolamo ___, Italian mat Gist Gists Git Git into a rough-and-tumb Gitmo mil. Glass behind a radio micr Glass bottom Glass component Glass cookware brand Glass cover Glass eels Glass finish Glass fitter Glass for alcohol preferably filled by taps Glass house, of sorts Glass in a medicine cabin Glass ingredient Glass marble Glass marbles Glass of "This American LGlass of public radio Glass on a radio Glass or Gershwin Glass part Glass piece Glass production Glass shooter Glass splinter Glass substitute Glass top Glass tube filler Glass tube for measuring liquids Glass utility houses slow section Glass work Glass ___Glass-encased item in "Be Glass-enclosed porches Glass-polishing powder Glass-___ Currency Act, 1Glass: Fr. Gwyneth Paltrow title rol Gwynne's co-star on "The Gyllenhaal of "Love & Oth Gym amenities Gym amenity Gym apparatus Gym backs wearing different attire following cold snap Gym bag items Gym bag stuff Gym class Gym class exercises Gym class set to music Gym classes Gym count Gym displays Gym equipment Gym exercise Gym exercises Gym game Gym garb Gym gear Gym gear: Abbr. Glares Glaringly obvious Glasgow denials Glasgow gal Glasgow garb Glasgow landowners Glasgow native Glasgow negations Glasgow negatives Glasgow refusal Glasgow residents Glasgow’s river Glasgow's river Glass — one about to smash? Guy with an Irish Rose Guy with craft said why the car's broken down Guy with his nose always Guy ___ (Garrison Keillor Guy's buddy Guy's companion Guy's date Guy's girl Guy's guy Guy's honey Guy's means of support Guy's partner Guy's partner overcomes resistance with bunch of flowers Guy's prom rental Guy's square-dance partne Guy, for one, saves time Guy, perhaps burglar, opening houses Guys Guys in promotion Guys who make people look Guys who use come-on line Guys' chat topic Guys' dates Guys' mates Guys' pals Guys' partners Guys' prom attire, inform Guys, slangily Guzzle Guzzle wine in the van like white trash Guzzled Gwen in "Damn Yankees"Gwen of the original "Chi Gwen Verdon sang it in 19Gwen who sang "Don't Spea Gwen ___, Spider-Man's fi Gwendolyn Brooks and Nanc Gwendolyn Brooks, e.g. Give one international a disadvantage Give one's address Give one's mark again, upsetting 22DGive one's sanction to Give one's word Give one-on-one help Give or take Give orders like a drill Give out Give out (a task)Give out a variety of seeds in Palau's capital Give out American magazine in revolution Give out cards Give out overtime Give out something you might want to receive this Xmas Give out street aid around shelters, retrospectively Give over Give paid work to Give pain Give painting a break, then resume Give permission Give players a hand Give power to Give praise Give precise change, but without right coins Give preferential treatment to student lacking in quality Give quarters to Give relief Give relief to a thief Give retrospective validity to second appointment Give rise to Give sanction to Give shades to in advance Give shelter, perhaps Give solace to Give some bottles a rinse - there's poison there Give some relief Give some to Give some zing Give someone false expectations Give stars to Give stars to, perhaps Give substance to Give summary of unfashionable policy Give temporarily Give the ax Give the boot Give the boot to Give the Bronx cheer Give the brush-off? Guarantee Guarantee - belief in oneself Guarantee criticism, whipping off top Guarantee fellow's kept in order Guarantee severe criticism having skipped college Guarantee source of criticism is hidden Guarantee that’s equally reliable Guarantee time off?

Give life to Give lots of love Give marks to Give me back my statuette Give money to support two aerobatic manoeuvres Give more cushioning Give more medicine Give more stars to, maybe Give more, more, more Give new decor Give new strength to Give new weapons Give nothing to Give notice of conflict over ending of immigration Give obligingly Give off Give off an odor Give off intense light Give off, as charm Give off, as fumes Give off, as light Give one an order to paint? Guanabara Bay city Guanabara Bay locale Guanaco relatives Guanaco's cousin Guar gum, e.g.

G, e.g., but not HG, F and CG, maybe G, musically G-man G-man or T-man G-man's org. G-men's weapons G-rated G-rated oath G-sharp equivalent G. Glandular organ Glandular organ of the stomach Glandular prefix Glare Glare blocker Glare, vile yet arresting? Guy Lombardo hit of 1937 Guy Lombardo's "___ Lonel Guy making passes Guy nicks books left in temporary accommodation Guy ready to sing the nat Guy seen in funny shorts Guy stumped the day before Guy who digs fossils, sla Guy who wrote "Guys and DGuy with a cool job?

Gladsheim palace resident Glam rocker's accessory Glamorous Glamorous actress Turner Glamorous Gardner Glamorous people I follow around Glamorous, high-profile p Glamour Glamour competitor Glamour rival Glamour types, for short Glance Glance at Glance obliquely Glance over Glance over upon hearing Hieroglyph cry Glance through quickly Glanced at Glances Glancing rebound Gland in the neck Gland that secretes corti Gland: Prefix Glandular fever, for shor Glandular opening? Guitar ___ (hit video gam Guitar, in slang Guitar, slangily Guitar-picking pioneer Ev Guitarist Allman Guitarist Andr Guitarist Atkins Guitarist Clapton Guitarist Cooder and othe Guitarist Eddy Guitarist from Turkey opening season Guitarist Hendrix Guitarist Lofgren Guitarist Montgomery Guitarist Nugent Guitarist Paul Guitarist Segovia Guitarist Van Halen Guitarist's accessory, fo Guitarist's aid Guitarist's gizmo Guitarist's guitar Guitarist's worry? Guitarists, slangily Gulager of "Mc Q," 1974Gulager of "The Virginian Gulager of TV's "The Virg Gulch Gules, in heraldry Gulf Gulf between Saudi Arabia Gulf capital Gulf city Gulf Coast bird Gulf competitor Gulf east of Djibouti Gulf emirate Gulf emirate and port city Gulf land Gulf leader Gulf money Gulf of Aden country Gulf of Aqaba city Gulf of Aqaba port Gulf of Finland feeder Gulf of Guinea capital Gulf of Guinea city Gulf of Mexico sight Gulf of San ___ (Caribbea Gulf of San ___, east of Gulf of Sidra locale Gulf of Sidra setting Gulf of Taranto's locale Gulf of ___Gulf of ___ (arm of the BGulf of ___ (arm of the MGulf of ___ (entrance to Gulf of ___ (Joseph Conra Gulf of ___, arm of the BGulf of ___, body of wate Gulf of ___, modern pirat Gulf of ___, next to Hain Gulf of ___, off the coas Gulf of ___, off the Horn Gulf port Gulf rival Gulf sheikhdom Gulf ship Gulf sight Gulf state Gulf state resident Gulf state royalty Gulf Stater Gulf states Gulf States bigwig Gulf sultanate Gulf V. Guy Fawkes' conspiracy Guy from England Guy from European capital spurns medium horse Guy gets grabby on first Guy holding a Hostess sna Guy in Jamaica Guy in the sky Guy in the street Guy is engaged by record company for show Guy is into pasta – yummy!

Give a whirl Give a wide berth Give a ___ welcome Give access to Give aid to town of St Francis mostly beginning to tumble Give all for one or one f Give an account of Give an address Give an alert Give an answer Give an edge Give an edge to Give an invitation for Give an ovation Give an ___ (mark high)Give an ___ effort Give and take Give and take? Grubby part of basement I redecorated Grubs Grubs, e.g.

Give a quick welcome Give a raw deal Give a razzing Give a reason for Give a right to Give a ring Give a rundown Give a scathing review Give a seat to Give a secret warning Give a sermon Give a shellacking Give a shot Give a signal for pillage Give a signal to Give a slant to Give a smooth and glossy Give a special berth Give a speech Give a star, say Give a stemwinder Give a stir to their new drink additive Give a summary of Give a thumbs down Give a thumbs-up Give a ticket Give a ticket to Give a visible form to Give a waiver Give a wave? Grub Grub around small hen-house Grub consumed around the Grub's ending in waste receptacle Grub, e.g.

Given Given (out)Given (to)Given 11 bids, unusually, for special edition Given 32 by "great" dramatist Given a line Given a new colour Given a raw deal, slangil Given a shot, maybe Given an expensive coat Given an eyeful, you migh Given an income, but at the finish was in debt Given an R or PGGiven authority Given away Given bar tabs, you'll craftily show Given by word of mouth, a Given directly Given dope, play jazz aimlessly Given experimentally Given false facts Given for a time Given for safekeeping Given form Given form of Villa, ultimately I shed no tears Given formal approval Given free Given glossy coat, tailless llama needed to be replaced Given guidance about new grant Given help, salesman got out of debt Given life, perhaps Given medical care at another's expense? Guardian's oddly turgid column put forward as standard Guardian's to hold back, holding back Guardians of a house pain Guardians of Eden, in Gen Guardians of the gates of Guardianship Guardianship; anxiety Guardiola hedging about debut of Moroccan right-winger in final Guards Guards against chapping Guards fed up with results Guards of mines, in folkl Guards ordered to go in the Spanish spearhead Guards, collectively Guatemala natives Guatemala's national bird Guatemala's national inst Guayaquil's land Gubernatorial right Gucci alternative Gucci competitor Gucci of fashion Gucci rival Guernsey, e.g., in the En Guernsey, for one Guerra's opposite Guerrilla Guevara Guerrilla's campaign Guess Guess as to how the thong Guess I'm stuck in English railway terminal Guess I'm upset by opening of scene set in stable Guess marksman still finished Guess on a tarmac: Abbr. Guessed roughly Guessed wrong Guesses Guesses wrong Guesses: Abbr.